The Heart of Women

The Artist

From the time A. KAYE was a young child, his mother recognized his amazing talent displayed in the crayon drawings and pencil sketches that she helped him paste into the many scrapbooks that he still owns.

And while she, of course, knew his destiny, A. KAYE had other plans – to pursue his dream of becoming a legendary major league baseball player.

As it turned out (and as is the case with so many of us), his mother was right. Fortunately for the art world, he discovered early on that “a slow kid who couldn’t move to his left” had best give up his dream of fame and fortune on the diamond.

Instead, he collected baseball memorabilia and clipped pictures from sports magazines. By age 13, he was sneaking behind the pro photographers at Chicago’s Wrigley Field and snapping shots with his Brownie Star Flash.

Still refusing to concede the truth of his mother’s prediction, A. KAYE obtained his first degree in social work  (he was, after all, a child of the 60s), before ultimately finding his way to art school for a second degree in photography.

All along the way, he held onto his camera and his love of sports. Before long, he began to sell his amazing images to the NFL, NBA, card companies, magazines, stock photo agencies and interior designers. He later moved on to portrait work – both in-studio and on location – and additionally traveled abroad photographing wildlife and other cultures. View his other websites here click me

A. KAYE, who is based in Dallas, Texas, has been married to the love of his life, Maggie, for 30 years. He credits Maggie's unconditional and unwavering support for the successful pursuit of his passion and she is ultimately responsible for bringing The Heart of Women to the world. As A. KAYE often says of Maggie, “She is the single best human being I have ever known.”

“I have many passions in life, but my passion for women is boundless. They have formed and created my view of life and love.”

A Kaye and Mom

About The Heart of Women

heather_swirled hearts

A labor of love that is all about love. A. KAYE’s The Heart of Women project combines photography, digital manipulation and abstract art to create the final unforgettable image. And more than the art and the techniques, this “heart art” is meant to honor the inner and outer beauty of women of all ages, races and walks of life.

The women at the “heart” of this art own the distinction of being both the finished art and also the canvas. Using skin-safe, nontoxic tempera paint, his subjects, all “everyday” (yet extraordinary) women – not models – who range in age from 18 to 60, paint themselves – their own bodies and skin. The process allows each woman to be free and in control because she determines the look and feel of the art she inspires.

The amazing result: When the women’s work is done, A. KAYE’s process is just beginning. He selects the most dynamic images, the ones that speak to his heart. Drawing on both high-tech digital tools and his remarkable creativity, he crops, enhances and designs to produce finished images that are simultaneously abstract, emotional and sensual.

While each image is highly personal, there is some of each woman in every one of these women. We invite you to experience this amazing multi-genre process – and be sure to let us know which woman (or women) “spoke” to you.

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